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A Revolutionary New Tool for Electricians.

 d-REAMER Conduit Reamer was specially designed to eliminate wrist fatigue and SAVE TIME and MONEY. This cleverly designed tool chucks up in your drill and stays there all day. It cleanly deburrs both the inside and outside of electrical conduit.

d-REAMER Conduit Reamer works on 1/2", 3/4", and 1" thinwall conduit. The included magnetic bit holder truly makes this a versatile tool. Conduit can be deburred and installed without having to change tools.

Made in America


d-REAMER Conduit Reamer not only does the job faster than a manual conduit reamer or file, but It also greatly reduces occurrences of repetitive stress disorder and carpal tunnel. 

The replaceable blade is made from tool steel and hardened to Rockwell 60+ for long life and exceptional wear resistance. Blades are easily replaced with an allen wrench.

A magnetic bit holder and 3 tips are included with the d-REAMER Conduit Reamer. It's small size allows easy access into electrical boxes without interference.

Strong magnet reduces metal filings from entering raceway.

Whether you are a craftsman or a contractor, d-REAMER Conduit Reamer will save you TIME and MONEY.

Any electrician that has ever run a pipe rack like the one pictured has gone home at the end of the day with sore wrists and forearms. Several days of the same thing could result in an employee either calling in sick, or spending a day at the doctor.

With d-REAMER Conduit Reamer, those days are a thing of the past. Productivity is increased, absenteeism is reduced, and  L&I and workers comp claims are also reduced.

D-Reamers Challenge!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. A major tool manufacturer has modified their existing inferior conduit reamer to fool tradesmen into buying their same limited design. This "new design" makes it even easier to break blades as you now have the option of using it in a power tool instead of attaching it to a screwdriver. The reamer might be updated, but the blades are the same thin blades you have been replacing for years, still held in with a roll pin. How long does it take to find a suitable punch to drive the roll pin out? You better have a vice handy, as it's almost impossible to remove the pin without clamping the tool in something. How long will it take to snap off the 1/2" blade again??

Don't accept imitations or inferior designs. D-Reamer OUTPERFORMS the competition!!
Thicker, long wear blades that are easily replaceable.
Magnetic bit holder!
Compact design that allows easy access into boxes!

D-Reamers ECR1 is now VALUE PRICED at $24.95 and includes 1 spare blade.
Built to last and Made In America.

D-Reamer Tools
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The d-REAMER Conduit Reamer makes short work of reaming pipe. It slips on to any 1/4 hex drive. You can chuck it up and use it all day long, or you can slip it onto a chucked up bit for a quick cut.

ECR1 - Thinwall conduit reamer for 1/2", 3/4",  1.0" electrical conduit. Includes magnetic tip holder and 3 bits. Also includes 1 extra blade
ECR1 - $24.95

ECR1C - The Contractor pack, 20 tools at a better price. Includes 10 extra blades

ECR1C - $450.00

BLECR1 - 2 blades and screws for the ECR1
BLECR1 - $10.95

prices do not include shipping and handling

Quantity discounts are available, contact us for more info.

Caution - Always wear safety glasses when working with power tools. Use care around tools with blades The Conduit Reamer is electrically conductive. Do not use around live circuits or energized equipment. Serious injury or death may result.